About Us

Founded in Singapore in 2017,Weshare is committed to providing scientific and technological services worldwide through continuous exploration and innovation of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

In the era of mobile Internet, digital and artificial intelligence, Weshare has completed the industrial layout of scientific and technological capabilities in these fields, with the headquarters in Singapore as the center, and the workplace in Indonesia, the Philippines,Nigeria and many other cities at home and abroad. Technical services exported to the world, including Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria, India, Kenya and other overseas countries and regions.

Weshare upholds the corporate vision of "the more we share the more we have".

Through openness and unity, Weshare pursues the innovative and harmonious development of people, things and things in the business ecosystem, creates maximum value with the trend, and makes the public feel the convenience and beauty brought by science and technology.

Business Sector

  • Intelligent Risk Control

    Using big data, cloud computing and other advanced technologies to build a mature application system,aiming to provide banks, third-party licensed institutions with identity identification,anti-fraud and other product capabilities and integrated solutions.

  • Artificial intelligence

    In the field of intelligent speech,AI model strategies are used to deal with complex speech scenes, quickly predict customers' intentions, monitor customers' emotions, give timely warnings when abnormal emotions occur, make statistics of reasons for dissatisfaction and judge trends,and use robots to provide professional and stable communication skills.

  • Big data Analysis

    Relying on cutting-edge technology research and development capabilities, Weshare Group provides big data analysis services for a wide range of industries,supporting self-service BI report analysis and production of visual data screens with rich components, enabling efficient collaboration among all participants.

Core Strengths

  • Technology

    High-Efficient and Reproducible
  • Big Data

    Full Cycle Data Model
  • Risk Control

    Automated Intelligent Decision-Making
  • Flow

    Rapid Mining and Conversion

Weshare Career

Weshare Group is headquartered in Singapore, and its employees work in Indonesia,the Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria, Mexico and other cities.

Technical services exported to the world, including Indonesia,Vietnam, the Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria, India, Kenya and other overseas countries and regions.

Overseas partners

  • BCA

  • BNI




  • OXXO

  • STP